What is Learning?

Learning is an art of Listenting to the content for earning wisdom, health and wealth.

What is Earning?

Earning is an art of Visualizing successfully the ways while listening to the content.

What is Educoin?

Educoin is an ecosystem of earning and learning from the gift of our imagination.

Todays education ecosysytem thrives on mastering the imagination for slavery for institutions, who will reward you to be the dumb follower of system. Slavery is rewarded. Any divergent inclination is punished due to the fear of unknown. It is because of these good listeners, their aptitude to learn from nature, the humanity has earned their survival against all odds on this planet.

Educoin is paradigm shift in the relationship between Learning-Earning Ecosysytem. An advancement towards prosperity of human imagination in their attitude-aptitude for sustainable survival with all life form on our home, the Earth.

Today Education and Money are two key premises for survival. One without other would jeopardize the very existence of collective society. Last 5000 years of human survival is ravaged history of blood and war for centralization power of education and money. The Power institutions controlling Monetary System based on doubt, fear, hate were unwitting and unscrupulously supported by Education System until today. But this is going to change now. The advent of EDUCOIN changes the equation of Education and Money in relationship with the power institutions who control the imagination of an individual and society.

Educoin will assist humans to cherish the gift of imagination, breaking the shackles of need and greed artificially created by centralized powers controlling education and money.

Dan Rajpurkar

Founder Educoin